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Bali Tour Series: Bali, Heaven of Original Indonesia Furniture

Indonesia is rich country in cultures. These cultural wealth are already well-known to foreign tourists. Even without realizing it, foreign tourist loves our cultures too. It is proven by the increasing in their interest to buy furniture from Indonesia, such as tables, cabinets, wooden ornaments, etc. It is not only the basic materials, designs, and quality that attract tourist’s attention to choose Indonesia furniture, but also original carved that made ​​significant attention and has a very high resale value. There is one place in Indonesia that has become destination to buy Indonesia furniture. It is Bali. So, read the rest if you plan to have a Bali tour.

It is not secret anymore if Bali Island is a major tourist destination in Indonesia. They come to Indonesia for enjoying the beauty of this island. It is not only because of their stunning natural scenery, but also traditional Balinese culture that become the main attraction for tourists visiting the island to have Bali tour. 

So what to do with Indonesian furniture on Bali tour? Yes, the increasing number of tourists who come to Bali will be followed by increasing demand for original Indonesian furniture. And this will certainly impact on the furniture craftsmen, both in Bali and outside the island. 

What is the impact? Go on reading this.
One of the furniture craftsmen who supplies craft to Bali is from Malang. I met him when I was working in one of the private banks, the craftsmen incidentally is one of the customers that I had to visit to authorize the loan. From these meetings, I learned that craft is the main livelihood for his family. One of craft made by him is a carpet from rattan. When I looked at the craft, it is very nice and has a distinctive taste. If you know Rattan, It is very rigid. But by his hand, it can be transformed into a flexible rug that has an ethnicity value. He usually gets Orders every week. Sometimes it comes every month or every three months. It depends on the availability of materials and level of difficulty. Sometimes, he refused orders because there are many orders to be completed. 

By that visiting, I remember that my friend's father has a similar business which supplies the Original Indonesian furniture to Bali. The difference is he collects furniture from one village to another and then sells it. He will give a high price for original furniture made of teak wood. He collects tables, cabinets and even the walls that made ​​of wood and then sell it to Bali. He said that, “Tourists in Bali who’s on Bali tour love furniture from Indonesia so much”.

And now, I can conclude that Bali is not only a place to enjoy its nature but also Bali is heaven for hunting furniture and doing business from it. You can find ancient furniture that has hundreds years old and also find new craft made of rattan that has high value. I advice if you want to buy furniture on your Bali tour, don’t forget to ask the seller to wrap it neatly.

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Tips to Find Good Wooden radio for sale

When radio was still the central of all entertainment, wooden radio is something everybody looking for and wanting to have personally. But nowadays, wooden radio is something that becomes more like collectible thing and gives the antique impression. Unfortunately, most antique items are very expensive. Do not worry, you still can find wooden radio for sale if you want to try a little more. To get wooden radio for sale is not easy but not hard either, you just have to know where to go and what to do. Here are the tips to find good wooden radio for sale.

Go Online
For this way, you simply need a good internet connection and a computer. You can visit some websites that focusing on selling and giving information about antique items, even there is also website where you can find all about wooden radio and antique radio. If you want to have wooden radio for sale, but still think that your knowledge about wooden radio is still not enough, you can go to antiqueradios.com, you can go to the online club, read the articles about radio and even find the wooden radio for sale from all the members’ info.

Now to start shopping, you can visit eBay or neweraantiques.com. eBay is surely offering cheaper price, but neweraantiques.com mostly giving a more qualified wooden radio for sale. It is a safe price to buy wooden radio for sale. It even has many other related parts to the wooden radio as their product. And make sure if you are going to buy the wooden radio for sale via internet, you know the exact size, so you will not be confused on where you will put it later.

Garage Sale
If you still cannot believe the online world, you can go to flea market, antique shops, estate or garage sales. Still you can check the standard price first on eBay or any trusted sites. You can also read the review from other people and have a slight description about the wooden radio for sale you will buy.

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